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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

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While filming Alatriste Viggo immersed himself in all things Spanish to the point where Arturo Pérez Reverte said he had transformed himself into a 'Spaniard down to the bone'. In all he has made five films either completely in Spanish, or which have some Spanish dialogue, he has done a play in Spanish, he now writes all of his poetry in Spanish and has given poetry readings in Spain. Of course, a lot of this love-affair with the language has come from his upbringing in Argentina, but he has also fallen completely for Spain, for Spanish Actress Ariadna Gil, for Madrid where they have been living together for many years now and for León where he found the roots of his Captain Alatriste.

"Ramas para un nido" poetry reading

"Most of the time Viggo lives in Spain. And in airplanes."

Viggo Mortensen - "Above all, I'm a Cuervo... And a greater pride does not exist"
By Eduardo Bejuk - translated by Ollie, Rio and Zooey
April 2010

"…Viggo filled himself with Spain; with our history, with the light and the shadow that made us who we are. And, in that way, in an astonishing process of assimilation, he finished transforming himself into a Spaniard, down to the bone. '

Arturo Pérez Reverte
El Semanal,
Translated by Elessars Queen
July 2005

The most curious thing about this charismatic actor's personality is that he not only shows his pride of "being" from León in León, something very usual among those who want to boast about this title over here but seem to be ashamed of it in other places, but also in Asturias, Madrid, Salamanca, El Álamo or Tarifa he was seen signing autographs and wearing a black T-shirt in which you could read the name of León in big letters. Not even Fitur (important tourist industry exhibition) has done so much for this land... his presence over here has been a great help for the name of León to appear at every website in the five continents, thanks to pictures such as this one. Not even the UPL (regionalist party of León) ever dreamt of a better ambassador!

With León In His Heart
By Miguel Ángel Nepomuceno
Diario de León - translated by Paddy
18 April 2005

In order to thank him, the people of Valdeteja, the village that, in his own words, had had a deeper effect on this American bohemian, will give him the title of Honorary Citizen and in a time to come, he will be given such distinction in a ceremony that the inhabitants will hold at the village. A small gesture for the one who also was kind to them.

Viggo Mortensen finds Alatriste in Curueño
By Miguel Ángel Nepomuceno
Diario de León
20 March 2005

'When you are used to filming in the U.S., the way things are done in Spain may feel like a great chaos, because there is a more relaxed atmosphere. But you soon realize that it is something that has to do with the culture, and I loved it!'

Viggo Mortensen
Top Men - Viggo Mortensen
Glamour Magazine,
Translated for V-W by Graciela
August 2006

"Sometimes, I can express my feelings and access my emotions much better in Spanish than I can in English."

Viggo in Tokyo for the Alatriste premier
Chris Betros
5 December 2008

"I learned Spanish and English at the same time as a child, growing up in Buenos Aires. My brothers have told me that when I speak Spanish I'm slightly more relaxed. When I speak English I'm a little more careful. It has to do with the sound, with the language...."

Viggo Mortensen
The Lord of Simplicity
By Ernesto Garratt Vines - translated by Margarita
Wikén - El Mercurio
30 March 2007

"I always kept writing in Spanish. But I realized that my language was out of date. It was my parent's language. Then, with the long trips to Argentina and Spain, close contact with the language allowed me to enter a new stage, more up to date and rich."

Viggo Mortensen, The Poet
By Valeria Melon - translated by Ollie, Rio, Sage and Zoe
La Nacion
19 December 2010

"I sometimes gravitate toward one language or another or a certain structure for a poem or short story. In the past year or so, I've been writing mostly in Spanish for some reason. Whatever I was feeling, I felt like I've got to express it in Spanish. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe it's because I've been hanging around Spanish-speaking people or Spanish-speaking countries a lot recently."

Viggo Mortensen - For The Good Of The People
By Elliot V Kotek
Moving Pictures
Winter 2008-2009

'In Denmark, I dine at 6 pm and I'm Danish. In Spain, where I live now, I dine at 10 pm and I'm Latin.'

Viggo Mortensen: "Travelling is the best anti-war weapon"
By Yetty Hagendorf - translated by Donna Marie
Le Soir (Belgium)
2 February 2015

Can you be Aragorn again for a few days and bash the Spanish politicians like the orcs that they are?

I think that among the Spanish citizenry there already are a whole lot of Aragorns.

Web Chat with Viggo Mortensen
20 Minutos
Translated by Ollie, Rio and Zoe
6 September 2012

"My heart is Spanish and I'm experiencing a very pleasurable stage of my life, with much joy," said Mortensen in the interview… I feel fulfilled and I´m living to the fullest. I´m serious, I already feel Spanish, although I will never abandon my roots, or my maté or my Danish pastry, or my New Yorker hustle and bustle."

My Heart is Spanish: Viggo Mortensen
By Juan Carlos García - translated by Ollie and Zoe
El Golfo
12 September 2014

"There's a saying in Spanish: Without risk there's no glory," Mortensen explained. "You can live a safe little life, but if you don't take a chance once in a while you'll imprison yourself."

Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen's New Plan
By Constance Droganes
26 March 2013

© Images © Silvia Susana Flores.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe

This has been The Many Faces of Viggo week, so I just had to do a Quotable about how he morphs from one extraordinary role (Lucifer, Aragorn, Freud, Tony Lip!) to another, while giving the impression he was somehow born to play it because he never appears to act. The man really is awesome and the quotes below say it all.

He's like a Stateside version of Alec Guinness - a chameleon who never plays the same role twice.

There's a special pleasure in giving in to being a fan
by Tony Earnshaw
The Yorkshire Post
16 May 2014

Terrific as a Tolkien hero, a Russian gangster, or a dying father in a post-apocalyptic science-fiction universe, there's nothing he can't do.

Viggo Mortensen's Charm Is as Big as His Belly in One of the Best Films of the Decade
Rex Reed
17 November 2018

The thing about Mortensen is that, no matter what the background or nationality of his characters, he always comes off as authentic. Not showy authentic, either. Without making a big to-do about it, he manages to be so convincing that you find it hard to believe his real background or nationality isn't similar to that of his character.

Ed Johnson-Ott
26 Sept 2007

...Mortensen, who looks like he'd be perfectly at home playing Jesus Christ or Charles Manson....

Owen Gleiberman
13 July 2016

As impressed as I've been with his ability to disappear into roles, he's never delivered such a fully realized character as this. There isn't a moment in the entire film where you remember it's an actor playing a part. He IS Tony Lip.

Green Book - One of the Best Films of the Year and a Career High for the Shape Shifter that is Viggo Mortensen
By Sasha Stone
Awards Daily
20 September 2018

When he appears, caked in mud, looking like a kind of eco-Rambo, splashing barefoot through a river and cutting the heart out of a deer, you'll be thinking: Well, that's just Viggo Mortensen's life, isn't it?

Wild man Viggo Mortensen lets it all hang out in Captain Fantastic
Neala Johnson
Herald Sun
8 September 2016

Viggo Mortensen is the champ. Hands down. Of all the "say what?" performances some of us first heard about at last fall's Toronto International Film Festival - and which characterized 2011 as a hugely surprising year for film - —none of them surprised me more than Mortensen playing Sigmund Freud in David Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method."”

In other words, not even the bracing successes of Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar Hoover or Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe shocked me the way Mortensen did playing Freud in Cronenberg's elegant, altogether surprising film.

Freud, for most of us, is a wild guess in speech and manner. Which is why Mortensen's cool, slow, contemplative version of Freud is -—for the purpose of a movie anyway -— brilliantly credible.

A Dangerous Method
Jeff Simon
Buffalo News
26 January 2012

Mortensen's performance is astounding. Looking a lot more like Gollum than Aragorn, he's shaggily bearded, smeared in grime and shockingly thin, with cheekbones like lemon juicers and teeth like the visual aids in a school anti-smoking lecture...Viggo Mortensen gives a three-dimensional performance in 'The Road' that needs no 3D glasses.

The Road
Nicholas Barber
The Independent
10 January 2010

Indeed Mortensen, one of the few Danes who can get away with a cowboy hat (in Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III and Hidalgo), looks so much like a man from the Golden West, it's a wonder he isn't attached to remakes of everything from High Noon to Carry On Cowboy.

A History of Violence is David Cronenberg's Western
Kim Newman
Empire Magazine
March 2006

Mortensen is nothing less than a revelation in the role of Nikolai, the Siberian bruiser, thanks to his physical performance that captures the full swagger and subtle deference of the mobster's reality.

Eastern Promises
Katherine Monk
The Ottawa Citizen
21 Sept 2007

I had always thought he had a very Russian, Slavic look. And when I read the script I thought, "This is a role made in heaven for Viggo."’

Eastern Promises
David Cronenberg
Q+A : David Cronenberg, Film Festival Preview
30 Aug 2007

Mortensen, best known for playing forces of nature ("A History of Violence," "Eastern Promises"), is here all mild manners, spectacles and fawning body language. His Halder is a character who lacks character, and Mortensen subtly turns him into a pitiful, pitiable villain.

Rafer Guzman
31 December 2008

Mortensen...chose a performance that is far from the usual portrayal of how one imagines the Prince of Lies should be. Mortensen, with long hair and full beard - his outward appearance reminding one more of Jesus Christ - played Lucifer with an impressiveness that was burnt into the audience’s mind forever.

The Prophecy
Portrait: Viggo Mortensen - The Actor As Artist
Translated by Sally
DVD Special (Germany)
June 2008

'It's like he had always been Alatriste! And the truth is that I think that Alatriste has made Viggo a Spaniard."

A Look of His Own
By Juan Cruz, El País Semanal, 6 August 2006
Translated for V-W by Paddy

Viggo Mortensen has one of the most incredible faces in the world, striking and amazingly versatile. His rough-hewn, chiseled visage allows him to inhabit any character he wants to, regardless of background or ethnicity, and we buy into it unconditionally.

Andrew Smith
Charleston Gazette
29 Sept 2007

You will find all previous Quotables here.

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © New Line/Warner Brothers/Hanway/2929/Dimension Films/Good Films/Focus Features/ Estudios Picasso/Origen Producctiones.

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Viggo in Toronto

Source: Twitter & Instagram.
Found By: Chrissie
Categories: Movie Promotions

Our thanks to Chrissie for surfacing a few candids from the Ontario Creates party at TIFF 2019 via Twitter and Instagram.

© Anne Newallo

© Sari Colt

© Annie Newallo/Sari Colt.

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Viggo-Works 2019 15th Anniversary Server Fundraiser

Our heartiest congratulations go out to Ingrid from Switzerland, and Barbara from Italy on their winning signed copies of Viggo books! We also thank them (and the rest of you) wholeheartedly for the wonderful response to our server fundraising efforts.

Ingrid has won a signed copy of RAMAS PARA UN NIDO.

Barbara has won a signed copy of SKOVBO.

Again, we congratulate for ladies on their win! Bravo!!

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Your September Reminders!

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